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What is the Tor Browser and how to get there

If you’re looking for a way to protect your identity online, the Tor Browser is a powerful tool to consider. Developed by the Tor Project organisation, this browser anonymises web traffic using the Tor network, which helps users keep their activities hidden from snooping eyes.

Essentially, the Tor Browser routes web traffic through several nodes on the Tor network, making it hard to track a user’s activity because the source and destination of traffic can’t be determined. By using this browser, users can keep their location and activities private.

It should be noted that the Tor network isn’t completely foolproof—your activity is still visible at the very last node. That said, it’s still much more secure than simply browsing the web without masks or privacy measures.

Tor also provides access to the so-called ‘onion’ or ‘darknet’. This refers to a network of websites and services that are only accessible via the Tor network. This can include sites and services that are politically or commercially sensitive. Although it’s worth noting that not all darknet sites have desirable or legal purposes.

At its core, the Tor Browser is a great way to protect your activities from being tracked and monitored without the need for extra configuration. Plus, accessing the onion sites can provide a level of anonymity that traditional browsers can’t match. So if privacy is important to you, the Tor Browser should be your first stop.

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